teacher with crowd Lynsey Stewart ,Science Teacher , Essex
Educate jobs are excellent. Fed up with the job situation in Scotland I decided to look down south and sent my Cv to Nick at Eduate jobs. Within days they were back in touch with me and in a month or so I had an interview arranged.Educate jobs organised the interview with me and kept me completely informed during the whole process! Staff were all excellent and more helpful than most. I am now working in a school in Essex full time. Educate also help in the relocating process by providing any information reguarding the relocation etc you could not ask for more. Its nearly been 6 months now since I started my new job and staff still keep in touch to see how I am doing which is great!! I highly recommend Nick and his team to anyone struggling to find full time teaching employment and are considering a move down south. Excellent!

Amanda Lando, Head teacher Independent Jewish Day School
Through Educate (uk) we have been able to successfully fill recent vacancies. The service was excellent, efficient and professional. Our specifications were respected and it was refreshing to feel that our requests were taken seriously and we were listened to. Our time was not wasted seeing unsuitable candidates. The applicants we interviewed were of the highest quality. I would highly recommend using this supply agency if you are looking to secure teachers for both short and long term positions.

Holli Shirley, North London Primary School
When I started my probation year I was aware that the job situation wasn't great, but I lived in hope that it would improve by the time I had finished. And did it? The answer to that is no. At the beginning I didn't worry about it too much with 'the end' being months away, but as time quickly, and I mean very quickly, ticked by I realised that it was now February and I hadn't a clue what I was going to do after my probation year finished. I didn't go to University for four years to be thrown on to the pile of probationers from previous years who still hadn't found permanent jobs. I had to be proactive! This is where Educate UK changed my life for the better. Not only did they get me an interview within one day of joining the recruitment agency, but they provided me with interview advice, paid my travel expenses and above all offered me a first class personable service. From the minute I joined right up until the day of my interview and even until now as I write this, Educate UK have been there offering every kind of support that they can. I am so glad I stumbled across this agency as had I not, I would not be moving to a fantastic location in London and I certainly wouldn't be continuing my career in teaching any time soon.

Jennifer Knight West London Primary Teacher
I would recommend Educate UK to anyone willing to move from Scotland in order to get a full time teaching job. I first found out about Educate UK when reading on the TES forums about people who were struggling to find jobs after their probation year. Someone posted a message recommending the agency. I decided to email my CV to the agency as there were few full time jobs being advertised in Scotland. I received a phone call soon after from Nick, who discussed with me where I would be willing to accept work. Nick was in contact regularly to update me on the job situation. I was soon told of an interview opportunity in London. Nick arranged the time for the interview and gave me a full description of travel details so I didn’t have to worry about how to get around London and find the school. He had arranged for four other girls to be interviewed on the same day and we all got offered a job! It helped that he gave us an informal phone interview beforehand, giving us pointers as to what we may be asked at the school’s interview. Nick kept in regular contact with us to arrange visiting the school and to offer help with finding somewhere to live. He also visited the school to discuss our contracts with the Headteacher. A night out for all the new teachers that found jobs through the agency was arranged by Nick. This was a great night for us to socialise and to get to know other teachers in the same position. Thanks!

Meridith Silburn NorthWest London Primary Teacher
I graduated from the PGDE course and completed my probabtion year in Glasgow '09. Through educate I gained a position in a fabulous school in North West London. I submitted a CV, spoke with Nick, and within a week he responded with an interview date and advice. I'm now thoroughly enjoying teaching at that school. I found the service to be exeptionally friendly, helpful and professional. Nick has taken the time to follow up on our progress which lends the service a personal touch. I'm extremely happy in my current position and love living in London. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a job (who isn't?) next year.

Eve Reid-Tremble, West London Primary School
'I came across Educate Jobs on the TES website towards the end of my probation year. I was applying for jobs in Scotland, but the situation in my council, and everywhere else, was terrible. I didn't want to give up my career or risk not having a job, so when I saw that the company helped Scottish teachers find work outside of Scotland, I got in touch straight away. I uploaded my CV, and within a very short time I was called to interview in London. During the interview process and my subsequent relocation to my new school to start work, the staff at Educate UK have gone out of their way to help in any way they could. This has included keeping in touch regularly to find out how we're getting on, dealing with any teething problems, including helping find somewhere to live and even organising a night out for the new teachers in London to get together to meet each other! The service has been great, endlessly reassuring, friendly and efficient, and I felt that the staff really cared about making sure I was happy and settled. Making the decision to move was a big one, but Educate Jobs have really gone above and beyond in their efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible.'